How to set the 'One' of the beat grid to where you want it (on the Red Line)?

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  • Device model: MacBook Pro
  • Version of operating system: 13.6.3
  • Version of djay: 5.1
  • Hardware/controllers used: None in this instance, but generally the DDJ-1000

Your question:
Hey Everyone,
Sorry for the noob question. I checked past posts and couldn’t find anything directly related (lots of great info though).

Essentially, I’m not understanding how to set the ‘one’ to exactly where I need it to be when the song is not correctly analyzed? I can only move the beatgrid by jumps (1/4 beats). I am not able to set it precisely to the exact point I want it to begin at.

Is there a Quantize function that is turned on that I’m missing? I read something about turning it off for Looping, but this is to adjust the Beatgrid.

I followed a video by TimmyG, but it’s 5 years old. The settings he talks about (also shown in the manual) are not showing for me: “Set Grid Start” so I have no way of knowing if this no longer exists, or I simply have not called it up correctly?

TimmyG’s view from video:

My screen (no Set Grid Start):

From the Manual (Set Grid Start showing):

Screenshot_20240320_041715_Samsung Internet
Start by using the button shown on the right of these 3. Personaly I map my keyboard with a short cut to do this. (Click the lines with the triangle)

On the track you are wishing to edit, Click on the little pencil and click on Show Editor.
If you only wanting to move the grid a fraction, then move the grid until it lines up at the point you want it to be then press Set.

Hey SamJam,
Thanks for your fast reply. This was exactly what I was looking for (I think? lol; still trying to parse the differences between DJAY Pro vs Rekordbox and Traktor, but getting there slowly). :+1:

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Hi Maurizio,
Thanks for your reply! I’m on Mac, and was wondering if this applies as well, or if this is more for iOS (your solution)?

I can’t confirm for Mac but if you can see a small pencil icon and see if that brings you to grid editor,
Hopefully someone that’s a Mac user will chime in

Thanks Maurizio,
I got the help I needed :slight_smile:

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