How to setup Shoutcast Stream

according the the product info for Djay - Online radio broadcasting using Nicecast to Live365, Shoutcast, and Icecast

I have a shoutcast account and would like to set this up. I opened up bonjour and entered my info but can not get connected.

it asks for name, ip and port, and password

I am unsure how the program wants the ip address and port entered.

Hi Joseph,

SHOUTcast is basically a streaming service/server so apart from setting up an account (for broadcasting) with SHOUTcast, you need an app that will allow you to stream to the server: Nicecast ( )

Guide to Setup Nicecast with SHOUTcast:…
Video Tutorial:…

For details on how to setup your SHOUTcast account, please contact SHOUTcast support.