How to stream through zoom and Bose L1

Hey folks,
I have been streaming gigs weekly on zoom using computer sound and it worked great. I use MacBook Pro and Bluetooth for my sound, I’m gonna be doing an event in a couple of weeks where I will both be streaming on zoom and using my Bose L1. Any suggestions on how to set up audio for this? My output would be through Traktor X1.


Any ideas on how to do this?

Hi @Michael_Swerdloff,

Have you tried setting up a Multi-Output device on the Audio MIDI Setup app?
You should be able to select the new output device on djay and on Zoom.

Thanks Guillermo! No I have not tried it, did not even know that it existed. I will explore and post after I get a chance to experiment. Thank you!

I have set up multi output device. I seem to be getting tangled up in the DJay software settings.

I have not found the correct settings that have output for the Z1 and zoom, and pre-queuing through my Imic USB.

Any further assistance would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi @Michael_Swerdloff,

Could you please tell us how you set the Audio MIDI Setup Multi-Output device up? A screenshot of the Audio MIDI Setup app would suffice.
Furthermore, could you also share a screenshot of how you’re routing the audio devices on your djay PRO AI “Devices” settings?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Hey @Michael_Swerdloff,

This looks good. As far as I know, in the latest versions of Zoom, you don’t actually have to use the ZoomAudioDevice. You should be able to join a meeting with computer audio when joining a Zoom-Call. Check out this FAQ by Zoom: Sharing computer sound during screen sharing – Zoom Help Center

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