How to Sync Pioneer CDJ 2000 NEXUS with djay pro

Heres a quick video I made on how this works…

I have been having repeated problems with the Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 not connecting to djay. All other players connect directly with the drop down menu, as the tutorial linked above shows. The newer players are not giving this option. I have updated the firmware on the players, still not connecting. I can get the sound out via each player, but do not get the player to connect as the controller. Any recent help would be great.

Thank you so much, Nick, for making this video!


I’ve had a problem a few times now, that the cdj’s do not recognize the djay pro problem.
When I connect my traktor scratch pro 2. There seems to be no problem at all…what to do.
I have had the cdj’s working more times than not, but it is irritating when it doesn’t work. I did connect everything the right way.

The mixer, if used in external mixer mode is being connected to the CDJ’s which are both connected with your Mac via 2 USB cables.

Lukas E.


just came across this recently.

What cables do you use to connect the mixer with your mac? Also do I need to download any specific drivers for this to work?

Having the same problem. Really annoying!

you got the right one. First, disconect the controler and check if the wires are in write place.
second, look at you sound connection and see if the marking of the cord is on the red for you sound. Then, put the white on white hole and put the red on the red hole.

check all the wiring of the system to see if it is in the right place.

close your program while you are doing this. After you are done with this then click on the program and start using it again. In addition, on the program: 1) general setting on files or edit. 2) crossfade option cruve constent power.

then, get used to use the very top of the heading button on top of the mace screen.

change the open to spotify and then change it back to the original playlist that you were using.

I already know that. this switch of the source should help you read the songs

I am not asking you to use the spotify but re-opening the itunes option should help.

Hi! There…i need help urgently…i’m trying to connect my Djay 1.4 to CDJ-20000NXS2 via my Mac…but it ain’t working. It seems easy on the YouTube video above but it ain’t happening…sound is coming out rom the mixer channels but via the Djay software on my MAC and I can’t control or read it on the external CDJ

Can anyone advice or help please…

yes, the wiring is all correctly plugged accordingly. When my partner uses his traktor…no problems…everyhting reads well

it’s not reading anyting on the CDJ-20000NXS2 but the sound is coming out from the DJM-850 mixer…

i’m not using spotify…i’m using iTunes to read my music…

will try and get back to you…thanks.

I tried connecting cdj’s to the djay pro as per instructions and it still doesn’t work. Spent 2 hours trying to figure this thing out and it’s so irrtating and frustrating. But when Traktor is connected…no prob’s at all.

So does this mean i have to buy a new software and loose all my cue points…that would suck big time…