how to transfer your music folder (folder that djay is getting mp3's from) from one computer to another?

Hi, in this article" How do I move djay Pro to a new Mac?" it shows how to transfer your meta-data from one computer to another, but how do you transfer the actual mp3’s folder and how to make djay on the second computer put those in the correct playlists of the second computer?

Hi @Donn,

Please see the link below from Apple’s guide to transferring your iTunes/Music library to a new computer:

You could potentially use a USB file transfer cable. They’re fairly cheap on Amazon. I feel like it’s much faster to transfer than to use a HDD/SSD which would probably take double the time if you’re moving a music folder from one computer to another.

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Thanks Slak_Jaw, DJ_Norm !

You’re welcome @Donn