How to use Automix for a short break

Let’s say I’m playing at a party and I need a short break to go to the toilet. So one song, which I picked manually is already playing. I want Djay Pro to start the next song, so the music won’t stop, in case I’m not back in time, to make the transition. As soon as I’m back, I want to carry on mixing myself. I couldn’t find out yet how to do it properly. Anyone can help me out?

  1. Turn ON Automix
  2. Manually load the next track onto the non-playing Deck.
  3. Take your bathroom break.

If you want to give yourself more time:

  • in macOS, set the Automix Source to Manual and put some tracks in the Automix playlist.
  • in iOS, set the Automix Source to the Queue and put some tracks in the Queue
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Hey @Andreas_Haase1

Happy to see you back in the Community!

Thanks to @Michael_Wisniewski for providing assistance on this.

Should you have any further questions, feel free to respond to the thread.

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Hm, how do I add “queue” to automix? in iOS/iPad? I can either chose an existing playlist, or single tracks…
Adding tracks to “queue” does not move them to autoplay.


Hey @Riff,

You can add queue to Automix on iOS by selecting this dropdown menu while in Automix mode:

The same is true for iOS on iPad.

I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any further questions.

Thanks for the response, but I don ´t see anything similar to this screen in Autoplay mode:

I can only choose from existing playlist or single track to add, no option to select queue:

And I added a lot of tracks to the queue:

Any other idea?

Regards, Riff

Hey @Riff

Thanks for getting back. When in Automix mode, you need to either select a playlist or a song before having the option to view the queue. I’ve uploaded a demonstration video. I hope this helps.

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