How to use Instant FX in Reloop Mixon 4

I cannot manage to use Instant FX of djay pro on Reloop Mixon 4. There is no option for FX in any any of the pad modes. I tried to MIDI mapping and I couldn’t find an option to do Instant FX mapping available for the pads. Is there even an option to change one of modes, say Sampler mode into Instant FX?


  1. Instant FX might be mapped to one of the Secondary Performance Pad Modes on the Mixon 4. These are accessed by pressing the Mode button a second time.
  2. If not, then it’s pretty easy to remap one of the Modes yourself.
    a. The MIDI command you’re looking for is called Instant FX 1, Instant FX 2, etc.
    b. The are found below the main FX heading section under the heading INSTANT FX PADS.
    c. Basically press the button on your controller you want to map, set the The Target to Deck 1, 2, 3 or 4, then the Action to Instant FX 1, 2, 3, etc. for each of the 8 performance pads.

If you need more help with MIDI Mapping on iOS, here’s a guide: