How to use sound effects from my itunes library

I have a selection of sound effects i would like to use, they are stored as tracks in my itunes library. How do I import them to creat my own sample pack in the sfx section? Thanks

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for contacting us.

To import your own audio files for the Sampler, you need to copy them to djay via iTunes File Sharing. Simply drag and drop the files into djay’s File Sharing section and you’ll be able to use them in the Sampler.

Try the following:

  • open the Sampler
  • hit “Edit”
  • tap one of the “+” icons on the pads
  • there you’ll be able to select your samples

Thanks Warren - uploadede them but now i cant find them when i open the sampler…

I have no sounds playing from my sampler - djay pro on a macbook air.