How to use Soundcloud to DJ offline

OK, so I have upgraded to Soundcloud DJ option and I have the latest Algoriddim DJ AI software. I want to play tracks and playlists offline using a Vestax Spin2, running AI on a macbook air. I can get AI to play songs from souncloud when online but I cannot make it work offline. Searching for answers it seems that it may only be possible to save playlists to play offline on the Soundcloud App on a mobile phone. But I don’t want to use a mobile. I want to use a laptop. Is this possible? Anybody?! Many thanks

Hey @Piersy_B, offline storage does not seem to be possible with SoundCloud DJ. Their support page only mentions Virtual DJ and Rekordbox and djay‘s own FAQ page only mentions BeatSource and BeatPort as offline storages within djay.

Using a mobile also won’t help much here since the offline tracks are locked to their respective app and are not usable within djay so on mobile you also only have BeatPort and BeatSource supported.

There is a related feature request about this here: SOUNDCLOUD DJ Update

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