How using the name I chose

Version 3.1.5 For Mac OS

Hi everyone,

I only use MP3 Finder for djing.

All my mp3 have been rename. Is it possible to use the name I chose ?

Hi @Neids,

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It’s not currently possible to edit tracks metadata directly in djay, this has been previously discussed here:

For now, in order to edit the data of your mp3, you’ll need to use a standard ID3-Tag editor.

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Thank you for your answer but you didn’t understand what I asked.

I precisely don’t want to use the title written in metadata. But instead I want to use the name I attributed by the Renaming function.

Hope you would help me as soon as possible.

I don’t think I understand what you mean by “the Renaming function”. The Finder section of the djay library should display the name of your files. Make sure to refresh the library (⌘+R) if you’ve just edited something.

OK. I’ve got a MacBook Pro. Let’s choose a MP3. The name is “take on me”. I rename in “AHA take on me 1985”. If I use MIXXX or DJUCED I’ve got the name I edited “AHA take on me 1985”. If I use DJAYproAI, it’s using the title in metadata “Take on me”.
By now, MIXXX doesn’t work with my Hercules impulse.
With DJUCED I can use the title (metadata) and/or the name of the MP3. unfornatly I hate HOTCUE function.
With DJAY it seems I can only use the Title. That is insane.

Why would you store so much information into the file name as djaypro supports several metadata fields already?

Hey @Neids,

@dj_romy_fi has a point, on djay PRO AI you can display a lot of metadata information in your library. Here is a look at the Finder library in djay PRO AI, you can open this by right-clicking on the column headers:

This displayed information is the ID3-tags of your tracks. This is a standard for audio formats. When you purchase a track this information is inherently contained, so - normally - you don’t have to worry.

Neids, you said:

If I use DJAYproAI, it’s using the title in metadata “Take on me”.

I believe this is because djay is still looking at ID3 Tag for the name of the track. Does this appear this way in the library and when you have the track loaded on the decks?

Try changing the ID3 Tags of your tracks with any ID3-Tag Editor that would be a way to solve the problem.

Cheers, G

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