Hum with iPad using Reloop Buddy

  • Device model ipad 7th gen and iPad Pro 4th gen
  • Version of operating system IOS17.5.1:
  • Version of djay latest
  • Hardware/controllers used Reloop Buddy x 2

I am getting a hum which is worse when the screen of the iPad is touched or swiped and the Djay app open. It is not always present with either iPad and the hum disappears if the iPad is connected directly to PA bypassing the Buddy. I have tried several different USB leads, power banks, and chargers. Sometimes the iPad Pro does it, sometimes the other iPad. I also have 2 different Buddys and when one iPad is the issue it is replicated on both Buddys. I have also tried shielded leads from iPad, power and to mixer.
There appears to be no obvious causes for which iPad will cause the hum and I have also tried going into 3 different mixers from the Buddy.
I suspect it might be static build up???
I tried both iPads and Buddys tonight and only one iPad caused the hum regardless of leads, power, mixer channel and which Buddy was used. I also tried one iPad on a power bank and the other on a different bank to reduce the chance of ground loop but still the hum persisted.
This never used to be an issue and started about 6 months ago.
All IOS and Djay versions are the latest updates.
Any suggestions from you wise folks???

Hi @Steve_Llehctim, this sounds like a loose audio connection, grounding issue or interference to me. I recommend that you try a USB cable with dual ferrites on either end.

It’s a problem caused by the Reloop Buddy. As soon as the iPad is getting close to be fully charged, the noise will appear. Reloop is aware of this issue since quite a long time but still didn’t offer a solution or a firmware update yet. It doesn’t happen if I use my iPad Pro connected with a USB-C to USB-B cable and put the little switch on the side to PC instead of iOS. To be able to charge the iPad I use a USB-C hub

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