HYBRID set up , past and future togheter

Hi guys,

here is my new hybrid set up based on:

omnitronic trm 222
2 x Xone 1d (midi connect a deck to zoom, b deck to usb to midi interface)
zoom uc 44 (4 ch sound card)
Djay pro on ipad.

born from an idea to have a set up for lounge bar and for play new funky house and soulfull vibes.
mapped all the midi controll for drive 4 ch neural and looper .
All joint to great omnitronic sound quality. Is a great weapon for this application.

Insert in a gator plastic case.


Nice setup @carletto_dj! Thanks for sharing.

Very cool indeed. Like it a lot :sunglasses:

I was thinking about using iPad as well, which would also save me to have a MIDI Controller,

How are the controls on the iPad? Smooth?