I am having problems playing Ben E. King's 'Supernatural Thing Part 1 & 2' in Tidal.

Can anyone else try this and tell me if it’s just me? It takes forever to load and just stops half way through. I have a HiFi account if that matters.

Instant bud. I am talking playing literally instantly and the song FULLY loaded in under one second. I have Hi-Fi as well.

Perhaps it is your connection? What is your speed?

BTW just checked on iOS version and started playing instantly but took about 3 seconds to fully load.

Click https://fast.com/ and let me know the number it says.

Let’s check your network speed first to make sure all is ok there.

hmmm mine is much higher but 47 should be fine… I mean I have been out and about with the phone and had no issues with 5 so 47 is flying high compare to that. May as well try a re-install. I mean short of a system restart it is usually the first thing to check especially with a new MBP…

You mentioned this song specifically though. were there other songs that you for sure had no issues with? I know Tidal offers “masters Quality” as well. From what I understand hi-fi is FLAC I am curious what the Masters format is…

So this new Masters thing is almost (but not quite) a propitiatory thing with Tidal so I know this is a bit of a reach but it is for sure a thing that could lead to a solution. Have you downloaded the Tidal Desktop app? If not maybe give that a go hoping a decoder is included or perhaps decoding becomes facilitated as there is certainly some decoding needed to “unpackage” this Tidal file format…

I have found that behavior such as this almost always boils down to network related issues. I do not know enough as to the how and why but I have even had issues with Spotify when my network speed is 400+ so how is this explained? Not 100% sure but it is VERY few and far between and not enough for me to worry. I use streaming to supplement my primary library. SO I was thinking of just one more step. Soundcloud Go+ would be the obvious alternative so perhaps take advantage of Algoriddim’s offer of three months free with Soundcloud? This will provide you further troubleshooting and the potential to rule out Tidal as the culprit.  In the meantime I would DEF take Lukas’s advice and attempt to stick with standard quality. I promise you the quality is still plenty for your needs.

Hi, Thank you for getting in touch and thanks to Deejay Dave for the trouble shooting. Could you check which Tidal Quality you are working with within djay Pro 2 for Mac (Library Settings)? We recommend the standard Quality if loading speed is affected. Note that on gigs you are facing another network setup (firewalls, general speed …) if you want to use streaming here.

Update: It’s being buggy with other tracks too. What’s the first trouble shooting step? Re-install?

 It hasn’t changed at all recently so that seems unlikely. How would I find that out?

It’s obviously my system. But I don’t get it, I just bought a brand new Macbook Pro.


Thanks for your help. I’ll try a re-install, I just hope I won’t lose any metadata.

Yeah, it literally just started happening. I’ve had the new setup for about 5 days and it’s been fine.


So I left it for an hour or so and now it’s working fine. 

This is a real gripe of mine with djay pro 2 – it is simply not reliable enough for gigs.

I have the desktop app, yeah. But it wasn’t open, I’ll try that the next time.

I have it set to HiFi. The loading speed is fine now. Does the temporary nature of my problem provide any insight as to what went wrong?