I can get no connection to Spotify (so I get no satisfaction ;)

On my Samsung Galaxy S5 I have Spotify Premium and djay2. While logged into Spotify, djay2 asks me to login. And when I follow the procedure, at the end there is still no connection. So I can not use Spotify. Solutions?

I just got an android tablet to use for djay 2 and when I start it, my wireless connection shuts off and is greyed out. When I enter settings, WiFi is on and searching and fining nothing, even though there are plenty of WAPs in my neighborhood… I turn WiFi off and then back on. Once authentication starts I use the back key and then djay 2 works with spotify. I don’t have mobile data on this device. I do not have this program on my android phone.
I thought it may be my device, but it only does it with this app; and now I kow others have this issue as well.