I can not imagine

As I just read the whole forum, we have a bunch of issues with new release of DJay Pro 5, I can imagine the team how working hard to fix these bugs, but I can not imagine how they could get the shore of fix these issues, it seem this is shoreless for a while.

The last close 2 years they have had in each month updates. So guys, please don’t ask new features, just let them fix these bugs what we have now.

We really appreciate your positive feedback.
It is our mission to make djay Pro the best it can be.

We definitely do not want to discourage users from sharing ideas or providing valuable feedback so please continue to do so. This really helps us to not only continue innovating, but also to keep a focus on what’s important to our users.


Since the full release they already managed to release 5.0.1 with fixes and yesterday 5.0.2 with another bunch of fixes. It seems the dev team is aware of some of the issues and is fixing them one by one. Just have some patience, it will all be fine sooner than later.

For anyone using the software for work I would recommend at least waiting until a x.1 update for any piece of software so most bugs are addressed. On my mac i’m still on Mac OS Ventura, because I use that daily for work.


We have your back! Together we can do DJay Pro as the best dj app on the market! Let us know how we can help on a better way!


To be honest, this update for me has been the best think since sliced bread,
I haven’t experienced any bugs, had a few questions regarding the fluid Beatgrid but Slak Jaw had quickly pointed out how to solve them…
I don’t ever use Automix so the bugs that may be there with that don’t apply to me,
I tried the Neural crossfader but it’s not for me so I can’t comment on it…
The ability to adjust the beat grids in any and multiple positions has been mind blowing and extremely useful, especially for the style of music I play…

Again I just want to give a shout out to Slak_Jaw for all his help since the new Update,He’s been busier than a one legged man in an arse kicking contest :rofl:


Thanks for the positive feedback @maurizio_T. My experience has been very similar. I’ve been beta testing djay Pro 5 for several weeks with only minor bugs which were quickly fixed. I do use Automix and the Crossfader FX and have had no issues with them. I think some of the “bugs” can be attributed to older hardware and a lack of documentation related to how the new tools function. The team is working hard, however, to publish new FAQ articles which I think will answer a lot of questions. In the meantime, I’m doing my best to answer all the questions that come in and to share bugs with the engineering team. Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding :slight_smile:


Hi Slak_Jaw.

I must admit that an excellent job has been done regarding the beatgrid, something that I and others have been asking for for a long time. Excellent work also regarding the stems. In my opinion, library management always remains the Achilles’ heel of this excellent software. I no longer remember how many times I wrote that it was clumsy. Delete my collection. I can already see my collection when I open the software and I don’t want to move my files back into my collection. An excellent example of internal library management and Rekordbox is the software I have always used on a professional level. However, Algoriddim is always a pioneer when it comes to innovations. Well done.


Great point. I think I said that a couple years ago. I used The software for sometime. Djay could be on top if they fix the basic stuff.