I cant make the booth work, ddj rr with djay Pro2 running on mac, any suggestions? Tnx!

Hello, using DDJ RR with Djay Pro2 running on Mac, all in all it runs ok, but I cant make the booth work though, any suggestions? Tnx!

Hi Amit,

Thank you for your post. 

I am sorry to hear that. Can you send us an exemplary photo of your setup and how you connect the Booth here in the community?

That would help us a lot.

Cheers,Lukas E.

main sound system connected to the XLR output, headphones to the headphone output & monitor speaker is connected to the booth output, main & headphones works perfect, booth doesn’t.

I tested the booth out with my Mac playing native youtube & it worked just fine, so the pioneer controller & teh speakers are just fine, pls advise

anyone ?