I Can't Scratch With JogWheels

I have a denon mc7000 and im using djay pro 2 on a mac and im currently unable to scratch.

I had the same problem with my last board (ddj sx2)

How can i fix this?

Hi DJ OneNate,

We are very sorry to hear that. Could you please contact us right away via support@algoriddim.com and send us an exemplary video of you demonstrating the issue on both devices?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

I have the ddj-rr and the jog wheels doesn’t work for push the tempo into place during a mixing. When I use the numark dj2go2 jog wheels works. Probably is the same problem. The djay pro 2 don’t recognize very well some jog wheels like ddj sx2 and ddj rr.