I deleted the app and now it says I have to buy it again..?

I bought the app and deleted it, and I want it again. On the app store, it says the price instead of “INSTALL” like normal. Do I have to buy it again?

P.S. I didn’t back my iPad up to the computer… I never do.

Hi Jack,

You should be able to download it again via App Store -> Purchases.

If this is not the case, please try the following:

  • open iPad Settings and click on “iTunes and App Stores”
  • click on your Apple ID and sign out
  • sign back in and make sure you’re using the same ID that you used for purchasing djay
  • open the App Store app and go to Purchases

What exactly happened when you tried the steps? Do you still have the purchase receipt?

Thanks for replying, but it didn’t work.