I did an update on my 2 generation i pad now it wont read my djpro turn table what should i do?

Hi Vincent,

Which iOS version do you have now? Please connect your iDJ Pro to your iPad then go to Settings > General > About. Is there an entry saying “IDJ PRO”?

Hi Vincent,

Sorry for the late reply. We’re not aware of any general issues with iDJ Pro and iOS 7.1.2 so I’m pretty sure this is a hardware-specific problem with your iPad and/or iDJ Pro.

I recommend contacting Numark support to get your controller checked and also Apple support to take a look at your iPad.


I’m guessing I’m going to have to wait till iOS 8 comes out for i pad to get a solution, or will this problem be resolved soon?

I have the iOS 7.1.2, yes there is an entry that says model number IDJ pro, manufacturer numark industries, firmware version 1.3.9 hardware version 1.0.0
and i have the djay 2 app version 2.5.2…

so it looks like my I pad is reading the IDj Pro but is not turning on. or changing the way Djay 2 should look when you connect it to Idj Pro, I tried returning the I pad to original factory settings, but didn’t solve the problem, Like i said it was working perfect, than i did the up date to iOS 7.1.2 and now it doesn’t work. I wish i would of never done that update. You should of seen me at the party last week, i was mixing with my fingers for 3 hours, its hard going back to it when you get use to Idj Pro, well tomorrow its friday i have another party, i guess its going back to mixing with fingers again.

any Ideas?

Is other people having the same problem That i’m having.