I have windows 11 and my controller is reloop buddy and I can't use it

tengo windoews 11 y no puedo utilizar el programa con mi notebook, aguien sabe si tengo que cambiar a windows 10 o hay alguna otra solucion?,



I have windows 11, and I can’t use the program with my notebook. Does anyone know if I have to switch to windows 10, or is there any other solution?


Hi @kuesko,

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We’re sorry to hear that you can’t use djay with your current notebook.

Might I suggest you try out our new public beta of djay Pro AI for Windows to see if that works with your current setup? You can find the program at the link below.

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So does that mean that you will automatically get the pro AI version of Djay once its released if you already purchased the windows version?

I expect it to be the same as with the Apple versions. Keep the old version (also for sale for a while) or switch over to the new software which will most likely be subscription.

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I agree that when the new Windows version of djay Pro AI is officially released, it will move to subscription. My hope is that a single subscription will give access to djay Pro AI across all operating systems (MacOS, iPadOS, iOS and Windows).