I need help to configure an Allen & Heath Xone 4D

Hi everyone,
I’m having trouble configuring a Xone 4D with djay pro. I have used the mixer with Traktor without problems, but I enjoy djay’s layout and MIDI mapper more.

In Traktor, my audio setup is:

At the moment, the audio setup in djay pro is:

Many problems occur, as the pre-cue is actually sent to deck 2, and switching channels doesn’t do much. In Traktor I basically don’t have to configure the headphones pre-cueing, how can I setup djay so that it understands that I have an external controller and behaves like Traktor does?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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We haven’t tested this mixer yet, but I can still try to help.

It looks like the Xone 4D expects the dj software to work in “external mixer mode”. This is currently not directly supported with djay Pro.

What exactly do you hear on the outputs of your mixer with the setup you posted above?

Also, have you tried using the “Internal mixer mode” in your mixer’s configuration?

Would it be possible to support the ability to mix in an External Mixer? Would be a very nice Feature!

Hi - has anyone been able to use djay pro yet with the Xone 4d?

Hi Lukas - yes - the 4D works perfectly in external mixer mode. Have just applied the latest drivers from A and H for Sierra on Mac and the updated device firmware to go with - all systems go. Quick check on midi mapping has been successful too. Anyone looking for the best mixer and midi controller money can buy - take a look on eBay as these machines are going for a fraction of what they were originally and for audio quality and midi options still beat hands down anything pioneer etc can throw out there :slight_smile: they’re built like tanks - mines been going strong since 2008!!! Happy Christmas and New Year to all the team at Algoriddim - you really have nailed it with Djay Pro 2 :slight_smile:

Hi Dave Quaid,

have you been able to setup the audio via the djay external mixer mode?
Also have you tried to map the two decks via the midi learning function?

Lukas E.

Hi All,

I am a user of DJ Pro 2, with a pionneer 2 channel mixer.

Looking to upgrade to a Xone 4D, but i do not have a mac… Does the mapping work from the PC version of Djay Pro too?

If so do you think my PC would hold up all right with the 4D? My PC spec is: Intel i5-4200M @2.5GHz, 8GB RAM, 64 Bit.

  • Any tips for the ideal setup with the 4D? Do i need CDJs with this?

Thankyou all in advance for your help!