I Need Mapping For DJAY Pro For Pioneer 2000 (not Nexus)

I need mapping for DJAY PRO for Pioneer CDJ 2000. (not Nexus)
I have been using Djay 2 for 6 months and as recently 3 months ago switched over to Djay Pro. I have upgraded to a pair Pioneer CDJ 2000’s. I have been trying to map the CDJ to Djay Pro but I am having many difficulties. Im am understanding that the mapping can be emailed or downloaded. My mapping is coming up as music notes instead of names of the buttons. My button lights aren’t working correctly on the cdj with the buttons that are correctly mapped, even though they have a music note instead of a name. I would really like to use DJP as my primary source rather then Rekord box, so PLEASE I need the help.
The Automatic mapping for the other controllers is great. I also have a XDJ 1000 which mapped immediately and works great but I can’t get that mapping to transfer. The switches that are mapped are slightly different. One question I have is - The mapping for the NEXUS won’t work? I have CDJ 2000 (not NEXUS) but I am getting stumped. Thank You.

I have mapped cdj 900 easily. They just map like any other controller. I have an external mixer setup and the sound plays through the 900s. Get the apprigator first from pioneer software. Also its not perfect, and i too would like a pro mapping similar to how the nxs work.

So the CDJ-2000Nexus mapping does NOT work for the CDJ-2000’s?

WOW I never even realized the 2000 MK1’s were not even on the list of supported devices. Out of curiosity (and I mean NO offense or snobbiness and is purely curiosity) any reason you went with the MK1’s and not the Nexus’s. I am assuming you purchased used?

And BTW Techtools is pretty much useless for anything that does NOT have to do with Traktor or Ableton.

Yeah but this would be on Djay not Pio. It is up to Djay to provide mappings and THEY alone decide what can/can’t be used with Djay Pro aside from usual drivers/etc. Very surprising indeed. I am afraid as you hinted though if it has not happened by now it may not be ever. I also fear that if they didn’t provide such an obviously wanted mapping that maybe they themselves ran into some issues. Purely speculation though as I have not tried myself. Unfortunately all I have are Nexus’s so I can be of no help. Honestly though if you can get your hands on a Nexus mapping it would probably be your best bet. Yes there are buttons/switches that are different but TBH this is how I make most of my mappings. I take a current mapping for a similar device and move on/add from there. For instance with DJ Player Pro for iOS there was a native mapping for JUST the SB out of the DDJ Lineup. I ONLY have the DDJ-SX & DDJ-SZ which were NOT provided as natively supported so I DL’ed and installed the DDJ-SB mapping which was close enough (with the platter MOST importantly mapped) form me to add everything else from there.

Hi Luke,
I can help you with this. I have a pair of CDJ-2000’s at the club I work at. How soon do you need the midi maps? I wont be at the club until Thursday the earliest. Also, just as an FYI, the concept of midi (musical instrument digital interface) is that music notes are sent in a digital form that can be interpreted and manipulated by some hardware or software. So, DJ controllers use this concept by sending a different note for every button. Think of it like the keys of a casio keyboard all rearranged to look like a cdj. Within djay, you would then select the command that you want djay to interpret that note as by choosing the section of the software (deck 1, deck 2, mixer, library), and then what specific command. In the midi learning mode, djay is listening for these notes. You press the cue button, for example, and djay says "hey, I heard a C#. What would you like me to do when you send me a C#?). Furthermore, if you open up the advanced options, you can control different aspects of that command, like the speed of the response, etc; as well as a midi signal that the software will send BACK TO the controller to activate something like an LED indicator. Hopefully that gets you started, but like I said I’d be happy to help you create a midi map for the CDJ-2000 as soon as i can get to the club.

defnitely not! I couldn’t get to the club last night; tonight I’m spinning in CT, and tomorrow I’m going with my buddy to DJ in Boston. just a tough weekend. Feel free to send me your CDJ-2000’s if you want :wink:

Thank you Joe. I am in no immediate rush. I do appreciate the help. I understood the music keys but since my xdj auto mapped with the names of the buttons, I thought that I was doing something wrong. I am new to mapping. It does help even you explaining because Im absorbing all this info with considerations that technology is advancing faster then Im getting it. haha. Thank you, again. Will you need an Email or will I find a link from you on here?

BTW…All the mapping on techtools and the cdi 2000 (not nexus) isn’t on there. There are some obscure mapping there but the 2000’s aren’t there. Algoriddim please step it up!

I purchased the xdj as a way to have a slightly cheaper alternative to the cdj 2000nexus. I found a pair 2000s extremely cheap. I figured I would travel with them and practice. I am a djay fan. I work couple nights a week at a gentleman’s club. Spotify integration is great. I had technics for very long time and this is my first time actually owning my own cdjs and xdjs.
No nexus mapping won’t work because they have different switches and updated buttons.
I am definitely at the understanding that pioneer is trying be done with Mk1s. Obviously or there would be more supported items. I.m.h.o.

Thank you for short cut Dave. I actually was using the Xdj mapping but ran into a problem with fast forwarding and quarter, half and double loops. With all buttons coming up as notes, I was having trouble getting precise action because of my inexperience not lack of intelligence. Also, on half of the buttons that are done I’m not getting the exact command out of the 2000 that I just mapped exactly like the xdj. I looked on-line an found little to none, as far as Djay mapping. I am aware that Algoriddim is responsible for mapping. That is why I am on this thread and not pioneer.

Don’t forget about me, please Joe!! Ty

No problem. I’ll pay for shipping!! Haha