I need to save all DJay preferences.

  • Device model (MacBook Pro 14" M3 16GB RAM):
  • Version of operating system (macOS 14.3.1):
  • Version of djay (v5.1.2):
  • Hardware/controllers used (Pioneer DDJ-RB):

**Your question: I have looked old posts, but I can’t find exactly the answer I wanted. I’ll reset to macOS, but I need to save all DJay preferences. For example, appearances, pad FX selection with places, and many more. I would use all the same preferences after the reset. Can I save them?

Also, I can save all preferences to Rekordbox software with some XML files.

That function is it available for DJay too?


Manually save-restore djay Pro settings with File Manager. In macOS, it is the /Music/djay/ folder.

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It doesn’t work for all features.

Hi @n421m, sorry for the delayed reply. Here’s some additional information from the engineering team.

In addition to saving the two folders https://help.algoriddim.com/hc/en-us/articles/360014912211-Where-does-djay-Pro-store-playlists-cue-points-and-other-data-on-my-Mac (the track analysis data is optional, as re-analayzing will recreate it) the user preferences can be backed up like this in the Terminal app:

To export the preferences (will create a file “djay-pro.plist” on the Desktop):
defaults export com.algoriddim.djay-iphone-free ~/Desktop/djay-pro.plist

To import the preferences again:
defaults import com.algoriddim.djay-iphone-free ~/Desktop/djay-pro.plist

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