I only get sound on chanel one on my DDJ SZ on Windows

Hi there,

we are so far not natively supporting the SZ with djay Pro for Windows.

We are aware of the user demand of this feature and will let you know when there are news.

This is a great software only under Mac, the Windows version has not been updated for month and does have many many issues.


Also, if you check in the hardware list is written a * telling that this hardware is not yet supported on Windows, the SZ is included.

But seen how they handle the issue on DJay pro for Mac and WIndows, don’t count to have soon for a decent answer and even longer if not ever for a solution…

can no one help me?

I know. but if we write long enough our problems and our frustration in the forum, ag will not be able to ignore us at some point and maybe finally publish an update