I paid djay Pro, do I now have to pay for djay Pro AI?

I bought djay Pro for iPad in 2015


I now realise I cannot use the same features without upgrading to djay Pro AI and paying a subscription; djay Pro (non AI) is no longer available

I hope I misunderstood something

Yes subscription,
Sorry, but it is true. Say more features now

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Hi Jacopo

You can still use Djay pro on your new IOS device if you want to, and you can get a free upgrade to Djay Ai which will give you more features than the free version and less features than the subscription.

Although you won’t find Djay pro on the apple store, you will find it in your list of previously purchased apps in the App Store app.

Make sure you are logged in to the App Store with the same user ID that you purchased djay pro with.
Load the App Store app , click on your profile (top right).
Click on purchased
Find djay pro in the list
Install it.
When you run it, you will be offered a free upgrade to the new djay Ai.
You will then have the option of using both djay Ai and djay pro apps as you like.

On my iPad Pro I have djay2, Vjay, DJ pro & djay Ai. They all work!

Good luck

This is all I can see

The only feature I’m missing is being able to see the waveform on the iPad instead of the spinning records with the art work
There is a button to display the vertical waveforms in landscape mode, but not in portrait mode (I use a Numark iDJ Pro)

I have also read that pre-cueing is only possible with the subscription active, but I seem to be able to do it with the free version

If you can pre-cue on the free version then you have already received the free upgrade by having djay2 already purchased. If this is the case then you should be able to select 2 deck mode and use the waveforms like you want to, and I do ( I did this for a while before getting subscription because I wanted other features)

********* I was writing the answer below when you sent another message

Ok. So it looks like you bought the djay pro using a different Apple ID (I did the same. Three of my djay’s were bought with my UK ID and one with my USA ID).

But. Assuming that you would really like to use Djay Ai now, then when you opened djay 2 that you also have installed, it should have offered you the free upgrade.

I just realised you are using the really really old discontinued Numark idpro that you slide the iPad into. If you are having issues with the waveforms then you need algoriddim to help or someone else who is still using an idjpro.

Looks like everything else is working as it should using the free version with legacy upgrade.

I see now why you want to re-load your Djay pro version that you can’t find on your existing Apple ID (because you know it will work ok with that). So first confirm which Apple ID it was bought with.

Yes, the apple id is right

The thing is, I can pre-cue, but I can’t select the 2-deck options: it prompts me to pay for the subscription

You are about as far as you can go now without paying for the subscription. Because you have djay2 installed you are getting more features than others who are just using the free version to test it out.
Here are the free upgrade features you are getting.

  • Pre-cueing with headphones
  • Recording
  • Automix AI: Automatic DJ mixes based on machine learning
  • Sampler: create beats on top of your music live
  • Looper: remix your music with up to 8 loops per track
  • Beat-matched sequencing of drums and samples

Most people are using djay in landscape mode on an IPad because it makes much better use of the screen, but it makes sense for you to want portrait mode as that’s the only way you can insert the iPad into an idj pro. I also had to make the decision to give up using the slot in the pioneer wego 3 when I moved to the iPad 12.9" and use a stand behind it, but this was a much better solution than holding onto an old small iPad that wouldn’t run djay AI and using software that wasn’t supported anymore. My wego3 is now just a backup Incase my new Numark NS6ii (which is also discontinued since May :rofl:) goes down.

Maybe Algorridim can give you more info

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Hi @Jacopo_Scarpellini, Thanks for reaching out about this.

I can confirm everything @SteNight has described about how the special loyalty offer works for users who purchased the older apps, as well as the fact that it looks like you’ve already got the features unlocked in djay Pro AI that are included with this offer (thanks, @SteNight! :pray:).

If you’d like to gain access to all of the PRO features, including the 2-deck waveform options in landscape mode, on your iPad, you’d need to subscribe to the PRO version of djay.

Also, regarding your purchase of the legacy app, djay Pro, in 2015, as also mentioned by @SteNight, you should still be able to download that app in the Purchased section of your App Store account. You just need to be sure you’re logged in with the same Apple ID as you used to originally purchase that app. I noticed your screenshots of the Purchased section was from an iPhone. Do you also not find the app in the Purchased section of the same Apple ID App Store account on your iPad?

Hey @Emily ! I had bought Djay Pro back in 2016 and I am unable to upgrade it to djay Pro AI.I tried to redownload Djay Pro according to SteNight but it doesn’t give me the option to upgrade. Coud you please assist as to how the special loyalty offer works for users who purchased the older app?
I got a new DDJ 400 which doesnt seem to be recognized in the older app Djay Pro.

Hi @shek, Thanks for reaching out. First off, are you using iOS or Mac? I’ll assume it’s iOS based on this thread.

In that case, do you already have the older app installed on your device? Please do that first, and for steps on how to reinstall one of the older apps on iOS, please see our FAQ:

Then go ahead and download the latest djay app, djay Pro AI. When you first launch the app, it should recognize that you have the older app installed on your device, and give you prompts in the app that will allow you to unlock a selection of PRO features.

If that’s not the case, please contact our Support Team via email so they can assist you individually.

Can we get back a version with waveform and other useful features us real DJs use with out having to pay a subscription…Like DJAY PRO!!! We’ll happily pay for it. None of us care for automixing and auto sync features. Its like getting a guitar that plays itself as long as we pay the player to play it :rofl::joy::hugs:

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