I tried to record a mix using the splitter cable but it recorded my pre cue and my scratching

I thought that the main audio on my speaker that was playing was what was being recorded - not both channels simultaneously. Am I doing something wrong?

Glad to hear that, Fiona. What was the problem?

ah i figured it out!

Well I was not using my RCA cables…my human error - it was fine once I plugged it into my big speakers and figured out the slider! Thanks!

Hey Torino

That was my problem initially…I was using I think using the slider incorrectly…and also not the RCA cables into my speakers. I was at the first using a little mono outlet…
In order to hear the cues if I’m correct - you will see two small head phnoes on each of side of day. To hear what you;re cueing up without moving the slider - just highlight that - it will turn blue. then you can cue that up and use the slider to bring in that track into the mix. Hope that makes sense!

I’m getting both signals on both out puts. When I deactivate cue the volume level drops on both the speakers and earphones. I have the split selected and slider on cue. What is wrong?