I updated to OS X 10.11.3 and my automix window won't open now

I just updated to 10.11.3 from 10.11.2 today and after it installed normally almost everything seemed to be operating properly. Then this evening I went to do my weekly online gig and everything again seemed to be going normally - until I got a request. I went to pop open the automix queue window so I could drop a new track in, and, while the little triangle in the icon flipped as normal, no window came out.

Fortunately, the request queue hasn’t gotten out of hand tonight (as it has on other nights), so I’ve been able to load them in one at a time, but I’d really like to get that window back, as it is necessary to dealing with multiple requests.

My dja pro looks the same as lukas E’s. I do not have the balls to update due to upcomming gig.

Hi there,

the easiest way to manage your queue is to show the little queue window right in the library section. To do so you have unhide this window by clicking the queue symbol on the bottom right of the screen (marked red in the attached screenshot). 

If this is not helping please don’t hesitate to contact us right away.

Hi Robert,

no worries, yes the screenshot your attached looks like djay 4. Always nice to hear if something is working after all and we hope you are enjoying djay Pro.
If have any questions contact us right away.

Lukas E.

That doesn’t look anything like what my DJay shows. Are you sure that’s the OS X version and not the iOS version? This is what the lower right corner of my DJay looks like. The square with the triangle in it is what I usually click on to get the window to unhide. But that window is what I’m talking about. It doesn’t unhide when you click on the icon. The triangle pointer swaps positions, but nothing else happens. No window.

And, of course, now, one day and four reboots of the app later, the auto mix queue window opens up finally. I have no idea what changed between then and now.

After thinking about it, and checking the Algoriddim main website, I realized what the source of confusion was. I was still on day 4.2.3, not day Pro. After consulting with my wife, we decided to bite the bullet, pay the $50 and upgrade to day Pro. Sorry for the confusion.