I used DJ Pro 2 for Mac at a Wedding Dead Mouse was at.

Very recently I Dejayed a wedding for Dead Mouses wife sister. Dead Mouse was there.

I used DJ Pro 2 all day and all night and it worked great.

The best part no train wrecks and no stink eye. I think I got a passing grade as a wedding DJ.

The dance floor was on fire all night and I pulled off a few 40-50 song mashups without shitting the bed in front of Dead Mouse.

I felt pretty good about that. I also felt pretty good about this software. I almost used Serato, but then there wouldn’t have been any breaks for me.

And yes a couple of requests were streamed without issue… spotify has been working as promised all season.

I am looking forward to purchasing DJ Pro 3 for Mac…


DJPro3 is on it’s way!!!

I can’t wait!

Thanks Guy’s!