I want to us my yamaha MG10xu mixer with dj pro. How hook up to mac

I want to us my yamaha MG10xu mixer with dj pro. How hook up to mac

Is it about using the Mac with Djay Pro alone or in conjunction with a controller? With a controller you can simply put the audio output on a channel of the mixer. But of course you can also connect the Mac directly to the mixer. What exactly do you want to achieve in the end?

I just want to run my music from the MAC thru the yamaha via USB cable and then output to my speakers. Do I need to install any drivers for the yamaha on the MAC. Thanks for your help.

Simply connect the Mac to the mixer via USB cable, set the Line/USB switch from channel 9/10 to USB, select the mixer as the output medium in DJay Pro’s settings and you should be good to go. The installation of additional drivers should not be necessary.

Thanks so much Chris. I’ll give it a try later today. I did download a driver for the yamaha for the MAC. I guess it won’t hurt. I can always uninstall if it causes a problem. Have a great 2023!

Chris, it says selected device has no output controls and nothing is playing thru the mixer. Not sure what’s up here. Any help would be appreciated.

Hm … where or when does this message come? Is this a system message from macOS or from Djay Pro? For me, at least, it was not so.

i own a yamaha ag03 and it works just great
can you go to djay preferences / audio peripherals and check if master is “AGxx” ?