I want to use djay pro with turntable and have all 4 decks work and fx, is this possible?if so what is the best 4 deck controller to use ?

i have been using the app on ipad for a while and would like to use the mac version, im going to buy a mac just for this and a 4 deck controller as well. i would like to know which controller will best utilize all of Djay pro’s features so it can unleash all of its potential. im only assuming it can work with a controller in 4 deck mode, as all the dmo vids ive seen have either been 2 deck with controller or 4 deck with a mouse.

There are several 4-deck controllers that are supported with djay Pro for Mac:
* Numark NS6
* Pioneer DDJ-WeGO 1 & 2
* Pioneer DDJ-Ergo
* Reloop Terminal Mix 2 & 4

I’m sure there will be more to come. Also, generally speaking, you can map any MIDI controller with djay Pro.