I want to use the BPM value from iTunes instead of using djay Pro's auto calculated BPM.

Can I load BPM value from iTune instead of using Auto Detection of djay Pro?
I have a perfect list of song with correct BPM.
and djay Pro’s BPM value isn’t correct.

Why should I use incorrect BPM value?

Please enlighten me, how do I enter the value directly? I have tried for hours to figure this out! Are you sure that’s even possible in the windows version of the software?

Hi Dongyun Shin,

we are sorry to hear that, if songs are getting analysed falsely you can edit the BPM by either entering the value directly or taping the tempo.

Lukas E.

Hi Dongyun Shin,

we understand that this is frustrating and the success rate is definitely not acceptable.
Which genres are you using the most? Can you give us song suggestions which are being falsely analysed by djay? Also which program did you use to to analyse the BPM values for iTunes.

Lukas E.

Hey there,

thank you for providing these examples. Please note that some tracks do have changing BPM, or a not clearly defined on beat.

If this is the case we assume that manually setting the BPM is the best workaround.

Nevertheless we are always working at our analysation algorithm and are happy that you provided unclear analysation examples.

Lukas E.

We are gathering informations for a track analysation update and we are thankful for your feedback.
But at the moment we can not support id3 track extensions and therefor can not adopt the set BPM by iTunes.

Lukas E.

I got your point.

So which means that you are telling me I have to waste my time to manually edit the BPM, even thought the BPM value is falsely identified due to the incorrectness of your software?.

and even far thought I have 3000 songs with correct BPM value which I enter manually by myself.

I have 3000 songs for DJing. I think the ratio of succeed of your automatic BPM detection is 30% and then I have to spend my time for fixing the BPM value of 2100 songs?

I read the same suggestion in this forum, it seems to be long time ago.

Why don’t you address this issues with a top priority?

I don’t get it.
What are your company want to do with this Software?
Do you want your customers not to use this Software?

I am interests with Swing Dance djaying based Lindyhop.

actually I don’t think we don’t have any trustable software yet for determine BPM of songs so that I did analyze the BPM for all of my song by tapping.

I put the link for downloading my song for you to debug with


  • 121 BPM but your software determine it 143 BPM


  • 180 BPM, but your software determine it 94 BPM


  • 125 BPM, but your software determine it 106 BPM

I think that many many Djays want to use the BPM value from iTunes in Djay Pro.

Hey, what happened after that?
are you fixing?

I agree that as for some songs it is hard to determine BPM due to variation of BPM and in this case manually editing is the best choice.

and That’s my point.

I already and manually edited the value of BPM correctly in iTunes.

and Your software also loaded the info of song from iTunes.

what I am suggesting is adding option of loading BPM values from iTunes.

is it hard?
I think your answer is just a repetition of your first reply.

My questions are:

  1. I want to know whether or not your company is currently working on the option I am suggesting. I think Lots of users want it.
  2. and If so, When will it be available?

I am sad about that.

I think I have to find another DJ software instead of your Software.

But Okay. Thanks for telling me the truth.