I will PAY Someone For help with VJay for iPad

I WILL PAY someone to help me with VJay. I need someone to spend a few minutes on the phone with me. My phone is 301-325-7800. My e-mail is tipitina@erols.com. My questions include: 1) How do you create a playlist of videos. I have hundreds of video clips I want to get into a playlist for VJay to use;

  1. How do you get VJay to automatically play through the playlist of videos. In other words, when it finishes one clip, I want it to automatically go on to the next clip, instead of just cycling the same clip over and over. I have other questions too. Thank you. Bruce Blaylock

Hi Bruce,

I’ll help you for free. Although, I’m afraid you won’t like my answers to your first two questions. :frowning:

(1) Video playlists are currently not supported. And

(2) Automix is also not available for vjay.

We’re aware, though, of the popular demand for 1 & 2 and we’ll be sure to consider adding it in a future update.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to also email us at support(at)algoriddim.com.