I wonder if Spotify noticed everyone cancelling their subscriptions last week.

I think I speak for many of us when I say ‘thanks for the good times but good riddance’.

I understand that this wasn’t algoriddims doing.

I’m keeping my Spotify subscription. I still like it for non-dJing related music listening :slight_smile: I noticed that Spotify tracks are still streaming in my Djay Pro 2 app on my Mac. Been checking for an app update to Djay Pro 2. But I haven’t seen it. I REALLY hope they add that AI feature to the desktop app.

Why would I cancel my Spotify subscription?

  1. There is a lot of features in spotify which is missing from other platforms.
  • there are user generated playlists, which I follow up
  • around spotify there is 3rd party web sites & apps which can be used to browse music collection
  1. Also Tidal doesn’t have folder structure for playlists, can’t search other user or curated playlists, etc etc etc… 

  2. Well as there  is no record shops anymore I like to dig into weekly Spotify releases for example looking up this
    Although the genre labeling isn’t accurate, but it was bad in 80’s record store as well  :smiley:

  3. Also if I want to share things with my friends, most of them uses youtube and spotify.
    It’s one of the easiest way share content with them.

Maybe I cancel the subscription in future when Tidal has improved user experience and have more features.

But I don’t like to hear commercials so I might continue to subscribe Spotify.

I reckon that any cancellation would have been tiny in the grand scheme of Spotify’s subscription base.  It was good while it lasted but definitely not Algoriddim’s doing for sure. 


Yeah, I recognize that Spotify’s algorithms and selection are better but they broke my heart. And I still use it to recommend music because it’s so popular.

It seems like they are trying to fragment the music market like they have the TV.