I would like to purchase pioneer ddjsb2 to. Work with iPad

I have been using djay and day pro for a year now i love the soft ware I own a numark Idjlive 2 but I want to upgrade to a pioneer DDj-sb2 I see that this controller works with the Mac version but not with the iPad I just purchase the iPad Pro and I don’t have the money to buy a Mac laptop at this time and I think the reason that the iPad is not supported is that it not have enough power to power the devise but Apple has release a usb 3 adapter which you now supply the extra power need to control midi devices While charging your iPad charge I hope this possible I know I am not the only that would like to this Happen

Hi Anton,

thank you for your mail.

Even though the new Usb adapter was released, we can not support the SB 2 for the iPad at this point.

Please stay tuned for further updates and informations.

Lukas E.