iCloud/dropbox sync

I know djay (2) on iPhone/ipad can sync metadata/cue points to dropbox/icloud account, does djay pro on mac do this? I keep having to re do all my settings on the same song when loaded across platforms.

djay Pro is capable of syncing song metadata, as well. Therefore, simply activate iCloud Drive for djay Pro at the System Preferences.

Are you saying that If I decide to get Djay Pro for iPad I won’t have to loose all the cue points in the DJay Pro for MAC iTunes library

Fast Forward to now. After upgrading from DJay Pro to DJay Pro 2 for MAC I was able to successfully import cue data to DJay Pro 2 on MAC. However, Purchased FX did not come over. Restore purchases wants a license key. I have also since purchased DJay Pro for iPad. I am unable to Xfer cue points and FX. How do I solve these 2 issues?

Hi Daniel,

yes as long as you are using the same Apple ID your data will be synced.

Lukas E.

We wrote a utility to convert cue points from Pioneer’s Rekordbox and Native Instruments Traktor Pro to djay (both verion 2 and Pro and both platforms MacOS and iOS).

As a bonus the documentation shows how you can migrate your complete djay metadata set from one iOS device to another without re analysing etc.

video demonstration is at