iCloud Separated and Streamlined.

I have very many songs in my iCloud. So my song list in iDJay takes a long time to come up. Most of the songs are greyed out (icloud) once the list comes up. The greyed out songs seem to have no purpose in iDJay since you cannot interact with them in any way, and loading them in the list just slows down processing.

I’d like to see the iCloud song list separated from the iPad local song list. Then the iPad local list could be faster and I could choose songs more efficiently to load in a deck.

And then iCloud list I would know may take more time, I could choose songs to download to the iPad.

Separated and Streamlined.

I realize this is probably an Apple issue…

I tried creating a SmartPlaylist having: Location -> is -> on this computer.

And it worked fine on my computer, but when the playlist synched to my iPad, it just lists everything. I was hoping it would be “smart” enough to just list the songs on my iPad.

But my grayed out songs ARE on my iPad and play when I use the iPad music player. I even have duplicates as I tried pulling them from cloud. Still not playing in djay app. Error about DRM displays. My event is in a week and my backup plan is to use a different app for those songs. Though I totally love this app!!!

I have the same problem. You should inform Algorridim. I did it.