iCloud Sync between Djay Pro 2 iMac and Djay pro iPad

How do I get Djay Pro 2 to show up in my iCloud app list on my iMac? I have Djay Pro on my iPad and would like to be able to sync cue points. When I go into my iCloud settings on my iMac, Djay Pro 2 is not there…?


Is “Share Song Settings” ON in Djay/Settings/iCloud; On Your iPad?


You should follow this tread

So I noticed that Djay Pro doesn’t show up in my list of iCloud apps on my iPad, which I assume is the problem. Anyone know how to rectify that?

I’ve tried restarting the iPad, and signing in and out of iCloud…

Yup, Share Song Settings is on. Djay Pro is also enabled in the iCloud Drive settings on my iPad… Not sure what the problem is.

Will do! Thanks!