ID3 tags not updating inside of Djay Pro on Mac

Djay Pro 2 Mac - 2.0.10

It looks like track comments (and other ID3 tags) do not update inside of Djay Pro2 even after refreshing the library or restarting Djay.

I use Mixed in Key to find the key and energy levels of all my audio files, since Djay’s own key detection is wrong about half the time, and Djay doesn’t display keys in Camelot format. As a side note this also means djaying with spotify tracks is a huge hassle, since I can never trust the displayed key, but for my own files I can use Mixed in Key - and the tags do show up in djay at first.

Anyways, I often modify ID3 tags of my files *after* loading them in djay, to add more info about a track or define a rating (1-5 starts). I’ve verified that the tags are really getting updated on the original audio files by checking them in iTunes.

Unfortunately these tag changes are never reflected in Djay Pro, even after restarting Djay and restarting my computer. I also removed these tracks from all my Djay playlists and re-loaded them from the file browser in Djay, but I still only see the old tags. I do see the updated tags when I view the task in the file browser view, but if I copy that to a Djay playlist, I’m stuck with the old tags when I view it in the playlist.

It seems that Djay is saving ID3 tags internally after loading a track from disk, and using only those old tags when displaying track info. And it seems that Djay is never checking the actual audio files on library refresh or program startup, to see if the internal tag copies need to be updated.

I can reproduce this issue easily, with any mp3 file. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Thanks for your reply Lukas. I do see ID3 tags in djay, or at least the “comment” tag. Maybe things like “Comment” and “Rating” are not ID3 tags after all?

I’m mainly concerned about “comment” and “rating” not getting updated in djay if I change those tags in the files themselves. Djay seems to remember the tag values from when I first added them to a djay playlist. The new tag values show up just fine in the file browser view within djay, just not inside of a djay playlist containing the very same files.

I can reproduce this with any mp3. Should I send you one of them, just to be sure?

Also if the issue is not clear, please let me know and I can provide more info.

Thank you!!

Yep! video sent to thanks!

This has become a much bigger issue for me recently…

I added a few hundred new tracks to my library and I opened Djay, without even looking at those tracks or adding them to a playlist. Unfortunately I didn’t do the song analysis with Mixed in Key prior to opening Djay, and now those tracks are forever broken in Djay – the comments tag never shows up, even though the files themselves now have the correct info.

It seems that Djay is saving a snapshot of those tags right away, even without adding the tracks to a djay playlist, and any changes to the “comments” tag are never reflected in Djay later.

This has now become a blocking issue for me. Any word on a fix?

Thank you!

Hi Jason,

I am very sorry to hear that.

Could you send us exemplary tracks which are not getting analysed correctly?

Regarding the ID3 tags, djay is not supporting the usage of ID3 tags, we are very sorry.

Track comments of iTunes tracks can be added directly in iTunes.

Lukas E.

Hi Jason,

could you send me a short exemplary video to
That would help me a lot to understand the issue.

Cheers,Lukas E.

I have the same problem.

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I just found a solution, not very practical.

You modified the TAG with iTunes or, in my case, I did it with the Traktor. If I drag the songs from the Traktor to the Djay Pro, it keeps the modified TAGs in the Traktor.