Idea for GUI interface during gigs

Algoriddim , first i must say it : Djay Pro 2 it’s a real piece of software
Great job !!!
Anyway, when use Djay Pro 2 with a controller (DDJ SZ) i don’t need to see on laptop screen all this : the mixer, jog wheels, play and cue buttons, loop, etc because i allready have on my controller. All of this are great when you use Djay only with laptop.
I need to see hot cues ( not three) four or eight and maybe FX and that’s all !
Maybe you can add a practice mode view without all this or possibilitty to add or remove this…

You can choose to view 8 cue points if you open the TOOLS windows (blue).
Choose 8 “Cue Points” (red).
Also, if you view waveforms vertically in 2 Decks option (yellow), which takes up less room.
You’ll be able have all windows open and still be able to see your library.
Also if You remove that Dock You’ll gain some space .

Not sure, but there should be a setting to remove the jog wheel

Lol, I’ve been mixing since 1982.
I had absolutely none of this.

Thanks for reply
Since i start digital djing in 2009 i work with horizontal waveforms , no way to use like you suggest
Anyway , i attach a screenshot where you can see a zone which is useless when use a controller. I only need to see hot cues because all the rest are on my controller. Of course i can use Expand to see more library but still remain something i don’t need to use or see on laptop…
Algoriddim say something about modular software, so i guess is possible to let us to decide what to keep and what to not (mixer, loop, fx, jog wheels, etc) in view mode.
Traktor have this feature from a long long time

I’ve been mixing since 1994 and in 2009 switch from CDJ’s to digital…

It is but instead jog wheel is FX…