Idea: Jump from chorus to chorus

I just had an unusual idea that I wanted to share with you all. It would be great if djay could support us in jumping from chorus to chorus. Often times, I don’t want to play a song in full because after around 2 minutes, the audience is ready to move on to the next one. But it isn’t always that easy to transition in the middle of a song because there’s no proper outro. If djay could automatically detect choruses and allow us to jump from one chorus to the next one without the audience noticing, we would have some more flexibility in how we use songs.

I could imagine that djay would do some initial work in recognizing where the song has choruses that we could afterwards edit. Then, from something like the beat jump menu, you could jump one chorus ahead or back to the same position in the chorus that you’re currently in.

Edit: I know that this is partly already possible with cue points but it requires preparation and is less flexible because you have todecide beforehand at which part you want to make the jump and then you have to remember where this part is where you have to press the cue point.

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My understanding is that cue points are meant for just this sort of thing. Or also the Beat Jump feature.
Even if that works automatically, you’re still well advised to check that, so you’ll have some work with it anyway. You should not rely on it running 100% correctly.

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Yeah, I had realized that and have just edited my initial post. Cue points are less flexible for this kind of thing and they’re „precious“ because there’s only eight of them. The way I use cue points doesn’t give me enough spare cue points that I could use for something like this. For each song, I mark where the melody comes in and out, where vocals come in and out and where choruses end, plus one extra one for the beginning of the song.

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Well, if this would happen automatically, it would have to be stored somewhere, usually on the performance pads. And there the number is limited.
Apart from that, and don’t be angry with me for this, you should at least rethink your way of working. Above you criticized that you have to remember the position of the cue points, but you also said that eight cues are too few. Really? Ok, but if you can remember those, you can still remember the others.
A while ago I got into the habit of setting a maximum of four cue points, sometimes five or six in exceptional cases, but that’s really rare. I make the cue at the beginning with the cue button. And since then it works much more relaxed.
Just as a suggestion, ultimately, of course, you have to work how it suits you best :wink:

I think we‘re getting a little too much into the peculiarities of how I’m working versus the suggestion. I posted here to see what others would think about it and whether they feel similarly. I‘m aware that part of this functionality is possible already with cue points. If no one else sees the need for what I’m thinking about, this will just drown in the wave of new suggestions. :wink:

Hi guys. Trust you all are well. I actually think it’s a brilliant suggestion however, I don’t think AI has reached that level of intelligence to determine the chorus of a song. I think it would be too difficult to analyse each and every song as each and every song has different styles and types of choruses.

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It can’t even get the Beat grid correct so imagine if it was able to automatically find the choruses!

Serato has a feature like this called flip. It’s “dumb“ and doesn’t find the chorus for you but it allows you to set in and out points to Skip portions of a song. you have to set it up in advance. I would really like if DJay created some thing like Flip


Great point, that would indeed be very similar! I added my upvote to the flip suggestion, thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

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Virtual dj has an inbuilt editor where you could edit and save the song in multiple versions… So it was easy to make short edits… Its so good that the saved file only consumes around 55kb…Kb… Not mb… So yes its a feature that needs to be considered… Djs dont play the whole song… I have alwaysed wish it could do this automatically… With Ai i think this is very possible… Just cut and join the choruses… Please make this possible…

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