IDJ Live and IOS6 (and iOS 7)

So I updated my IPad to IOS6 and now my IDJ Live hardware is not working and since IOS6 is now public the option to go back is no longer available…
when can we expect a fix for this?

Any plans for a fix for ios 7? - i missed the offer to replace! Or anyone know a workaround?

So that’s it! As much as “Numark is working on a fix,” it won’t ever come. There’s no way to push a firmware update to IDJ live, not only is there no software to do so, the IDJ Live is just plastic and circuits there’s no memory or storage, no place to install a firmware update if you wanted to. That’s it guys. Show’s over. IDJ live is dead. That was a huge waste of money.

yeh i have had the same problem and i really need a fix, i have alittle thing coming up. difference is im running djay of my iphone 4s

If you plug in the controller slowly while looking at the your preferences>general>about you will see the idj live pop up at a certain point of the insertion. Once the controller is recognized you can push it in all the way and go.

This is a temporary work around for the moment and can be recreated multiple times with iPhone and iPad.


-J from Numark…

Hey Jeff, visit Numark here:…

We have many users successfully up and running with a *temporary* work around. I will post any updates I get.

Thank you for your patience in the mean time.


First, if your iDJ Live stopped working when you upgraded your iOS device to iOS6, we apologize for any frustration or difficulty this has caused you. Second, we’re going to make it right.

Our tech support team is waiting to hear from you to offer one of the following solutions:

A free iOS 6-compatible replacement iDJ Live controller
Or a $100 credit towards the purchase of a brand new iDJ PRO

For details on how to proceed with either the replacement of your iDJ Live unit or a $100 credit towards the purchase of iDJ PRO, please contact our Technical Support department by visiting
(Sorry we cannot offer compensation through the forum)

Thanks for being part of the Numark family!…

-J from Numark

LIMITED TIME OFFER (Expires 31 December 2012)
For details, please visit

For details, please visit

For international help
please visit

You can use if you are in the US

Thanks for all the help Anders! Could you update your ‘official’ post with the updated offer that includes international information :). Thanks!

Giambattista Impellizzeri,

Calling this offer a scam is false information to other users. You seem to be confused. Please visit the link

For further questions regarding this hardware issue, please visit:…

This issue has nothing to do with the app, you will want to contact Numark.

visit me here if you need further assistance:…

We’ll figure out what your having trouble with. Sorry, it’s hard to fully understand using ‘translate’.

This is terrible. I have an event where I need this to work. How soon before this will be resolved?

Are there any other controllers that are affected?

so it will work with the vestax spin? I am about to buy one today if it will work. And does all the features like cueing and effects work?

will the vestax spin work with ios 6. I really need to know right away

This board works

How could I what?