IDJ Live & Apple HDMI adapter with Vjay

Anyone else having the issue of Vjay not picking up IDJ Live when they plug into dock connecter on the HDMI adapter? When I plug IDJ Live directly into my IPad it syncs fine. Please help!

This literally renders idj live, paired with vjay, totally useless. Apple tv is to an option. Have you ever tried to dj with a 2-4 second delay? This is extremely disappointing.



The display adapter only supports charging and syncing, so it doesn’t work with the iDJ live.


Warren is algoriddim going to make an adapter??? Or will an update fix this. Are there any other options so that we can get hdmi out and use the idj live controller. It seems strange that algoriddim didn’t take this issue into consideration. How would u release an app that can only be viewed on AirPlay when using the idj live controller.

is this the final answer or are there any new developments from iOS6?

Omg this is disappointing

Any news Warren ?
I fully endorse algoriddim and numark and only imagine it was a slight oversight which does happen ,

Presumably there will be an adaptor from either of the company’s ? (Warren)

Yours very hopefully (really hopefully as I want to endorse this product but cannot even utilise my projector and controller to showcase )

Mr Gavin spencer

Is there likely to be an adapter brought to market