IDJ Pro has stopped working with the app

My Idj pro has suddenly stopped working with the app.
The view and shift button are lit up but nothing else is lit and nothing responds… I have firmware 1.39 I have also checked that I have the latest app. Please advise.

Hi Jaime,

Sorry to hear that. Which djay 2 version are you using? Please open the Settings app and go to “General” > “About” and check if there’s an entry saying “IDJ PRO”.

Hi Jaime,

As an experiment, please download the “MIDI Monitor” app and see if it picks up MIDI events from your controller.

just to add … if iPad playing and then plugged in ,then sound comes out of the speakers and can also be heard on head phones

thx for the reply Warren… On the App it says 2.6.1

Hardware version 1.0.0

Hi Warren is says it has found IDJpro then lost but stays on found
However hitting any of the control buttons on the idj pro does not show on midi monitor.

Fucked of, djay 2 has stopped working, won’t open what do I do? Plz help