iDJ Pro - Latency with jog dials

Besides crash on DJay2, I also experienced bad latency when attempting to que trax with jog dials on iDJ Pro… I ended up que’ing on my iPad…

If this is a firmware issue or problem related to iOS 7, Algoriddim pls fix!

When I used to jogs (pitch bend mode) it doesn’t react to what I’m doing but a couple second later while I’m still turning the jog wheel, the track seems to just jump to where it should be completely throwing everything off. I had to do a set a few days ago (using it for the first time since ios 7) and went to transition tracks and had a train wreck! I tried to save it quick using the sync button but because all my tracks BPM’s, cue points & beat grids were reset after the upgrade, it synced horribly. From then on I had to set each beat grid (most of them as they were wrong) and use sync the entire set… It sucked!