iDJ Pro Library View

When using he iDJ Pro with Djay 2, it is almost perfect, I love it, of course here comes the but, my issue is the library, because it is in portrait mode, you can not see full song titles. It gets even worse when you are in the playlist view.

When I have several songs titled exactly the same, but one is Dirty and one is Clean, not being able to see which is which is a problem. I know I can preview the track, but that is time consuming looking for the spot with the curse word to see if it is edited.

There has got to be something that can be done about this, even something as simple as when you press the preview button it scrolls the full song title. (Of course I say easy, who knows how easy that would actually be to implement)

Thanks for all the features and the continues updates and improvement, this is seriously the only thing keeping me from being able to use it full time. (I may get a Reloop Beatpad soon, one of the big selling points is landscape library.)

Thanks for your ongoing feedback and support, Jerod.

That’s actually a very good idea. Why didn’t I ever think of that? :slight_smile:

I found a work-around for now, add any songs you can’t read to the queue and then you can see a lot more.