iDj Pro not working with new update

Recently I just updated my iPad to iOS 7.0.6 and Djay 2 to version 2.2.2 and now when I try plugging in my iDj Pro into my iPad it can’t detect the iDJ pro! Any thoughts?

Hi Adam,

Sorry to hear that. Which iPad do you have? As an experiment, please try the following:

  • connect your iDJ Pro
  • open the Settings app and go to “General” > “About”

Is there an entry saying “IDJ PRO”?

Also, do you have any other iOS devices with which you can test the iDJ Pro?

Hi Adam,

In this case, please kindly contact Numark Support directly:

Could use some help at any point now…

It’s an iPad 2. iDJ Pro doesn’t show up in the “About” section. There aren’t any devices that I can test the iDJ pro on. I’ve tried getting my software restored at the apple store, but that didn’t work.