iDJ PRO OWNERS: Will this set-up work? (Bluetooth Speakers>iDJ Pro>iPad>Headphones)

I’m planning on purchasing an iDJ Pro controller for the iPad. I’m familiar with Djay as I’ve used it for my Spin on a Mac and I’ve played around with it on my iPhone/iPad. I’m curious if this set-up would work out if I purchased iDJ Pro:

The plan is to have music play wireless while using the iDJ Pro controller. I’m interested in using the Alto Trusonic Wireless PA Speakers that have bluetooth functionality. If I connected the iPad to the Bluetooth speakers, would I be able to use the iDJ Pro controller and have music play through the speakers wirelessly? Also, how would pre-cueing through the headphones work? Would I just plug them into the controller?

I’ve seen this guy connect his iPad with the iDJ Live controller and play music through the bluetooth speakers but I don’t know if this would work with iDJ Pro:

Here’s the Alto Truesonic Bluetooth PA speakers:

Nevermind! I found the answer to my own question, I got it off of the Numark iDJ Pro website. Haha!

Thanks to your iPad’s wireless capability, you’ll have access to virtually any song instantly. iDJ Pro empowers you with access to the cloud, allowing you to download tracks and have them pumping in seconds. And with AirPlay and Bluetooth compatibility, you can blast your set wirelessly through AirPlay or Bluetooth speakers. iDJ Pro comes ready to party with professional microphone and external device inputs as well as balanced XLR master outputs.”

I don’t think you will be able to use your headphones when using Bluetooth speakers

I am trying to do the same thing with a macbook pro and the mix deck quad… is this possible?