idj pro pitch issues

hi there,
my new idjay pro, updated to latest firmware has the following behaviour when sync songs
it will lock both songs on the same pitch. now if i want to speed up song 2 after switching to it i find i cannot do it
i press for 2 seconds the sync button on song 1, which is no longer playing, and supposedly it should release pitch on song 2 so i can modify it (slower or faster)
but it will not
what am i doing wrong?
thank you,

Hi Achilleas,

The pitch sliders work in “MIDI Pickup mode”. This means, when the slider in the app gets moved (e.g. when you press sync), then you have to move the physical slider on the iDJ Pro to match that value first before you can re-adjust it. This feature prevents sudden unwanted jumps in the pitch.

By the way, holding down the sync button just resets the pitch to the original value for that deck.