IDJ pro, Problem or not?

So yesterday i fired up my IDJ Pro and stereo system. Loaded a track on deck 1 and no sound at all. I double check all the leads, check volume is up and the crossfader is on the correct side for the track playing but, no sound? I move the crossfader from left to right and back left and then BOOM! The sound is back. Im now mixing and getting ready to bring in the next track, i have my volume all the way “down” on deck 2 but as soon as i move the crossfader, deck 2 is playing out loud EVEN though the volume is fully down.

I turn the volume fully up, then down and like the crossfader, its now working? If i was playing a gig, that would have not been good!

Djay and IDJ Pro all upto date, i pad 2 iOS 7.1

Any help would be appreciated

  • Which djay version do you have exactly? Please tap the gear icon and scroll down to determine the version number.
  • Also, which firmware version is installed on your iDJ Pro? Please go to “Settings” > “General” > “About” > “IDJ PRO” and take a screenshot.
  • How often did this happen?
  • What is your Audio Devices Setup (tap the gear icon)?

Ok, thanks.

What about “Monitor”? Which channels is it set to? I recommend just taking a screenshot of Audio Devices Setup.

If it happens again, please keep us posted.

Version 2.2.2
IDJ Pro Version 1.3.9

Its only happen once?
Audio devices is set to channel 1-2