Idj pro sampler looping and syncing possibility?

Have thought of a really good app update for the idj pro for the sampler section to allow you to loop your samples and sync your samples in to your mix as well this already exists in virtual dj and traktor and would probably be pretty easy to do

With this we could have a palette of rhythm loops taken from other tracks and to combine them with current tracks.

It’s so useful that I think its implementation is urgent!

(I’m talking on iOS version)

Hey Ross,

Cool idea. I changed your question into an “idea” (= feature request).

Excellent idea! I’m all for this feature!

Hi warren, do you know if this idea will be implemented on a future update? I Was hoping it would be added on this latest update . Although you have fixed all the issues and added everything else on my wish list on this update (very happy-thanks), all except the sample looping/sync.

Me to its a standard in virtual dj I have to keep triggering my sample button when I’m mixing cause there isn’t an option to loop and also I can’t use samples with beats in as they don’t sound good when un synced to the track I’m playing

Hi! Any news about the implementation of this idea?

Sample looping is a must.